Delivering Liberal Democrat aims and ambitions for Britain - Hunter

May 17, 2010 6:10 PM
Mark has welcomed the new era for British politics

Mark has welcomed the new era for British politics

Local MP Mark Hunter has today welcomed a new era for British politics.

Speaking to local members this weekend, Mr Hunter said he was delighted to see that Liberal Democrat policies will shape Britain for good.

The new Coalition Government has pledged to enact key Liberal Democrat promises:

Commenting on the formation of a new Government, Mark said:

"I campaigned strongly in the recent election for key Liberal Democrat policies, for fairer taxes, a new economy, a fair start for children and a new politics. As we enter Government we are already seeing those promises realised.

"The Liberal Democrats in Government will ensure the pledges I made to people in our area can become reality.

"We are seeing a new era of British politics and we have an amazing opportunity for a new kind of Government, working together and delivering on policies we have been campaigning on for years.

"I will continue to stand up for the values that local people voted for and I promise all of the people who supported me on May 6th, and those who do not, that I will carry on fighting to make sure I will be the best possible MP for our area."

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