July 16, 2010 4:55 PM
local MP Mark Hunter with troops

local MP Mark Hunter with troops

Local MP Mark Hunter has welcomed the Coalition Government's announcement that a further £189m worth of funding will be provided for UK troops in Afghanistan.

This extra money is in addition to the £67m for counter-improvised explosive devices also recently announced, bringing the total amount of Reserve funding allocated to equipment since the beginning of June 2010.

Mr Hunter has campaigned for increased funding for British troops in Afghanistan over a number of years, and last year collected hundreds of signatures from local residents on a petition to demand that the Government gave British troops the pay and equipment they need and deserve.

Commenting, Mark said:

"This is a long overdue announcement which is more than welcome. It is a great success for a campaign that many people have actively supported.

"It is absolutely vital that we fully support our troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere. I am delighted that the new Coalition Government has made this announcement."

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