September 17, 2010 12:00 AM
Mark at the BAE site in Woodford

Mark inside one of the Nimrod crafts in Woodford.

This Wednesday 15th September 2010, Cheadle MP Mark Hunter attended top level talks with Defence Procurement Minister Peter Luff MP over fears that the Nimrod project could be a casualty of the Strategic Defence and Security Review currently being undertaken.

After requesting an urgent meeting, Mr Hunter led an all-party delegation of cross-party MPs and union represntatives from BAE at Woodford to meet the Minister. Mr Hunter warned about the consequences of bringing the Nimrod project to a premature end before the planned closure of the Woodford site in 2012.

Commenting, Mark said:

"It was vital that we had an opportunity to meet with the Minister during the current Strategic Defence and Security Review, to put the across case for the site in Woodford.

"An early closure for BAE Woodford would be tragic for the workers and for the local area, and the fact is that all of the component parts for the final aircraft have already been bought.

"A decision to cancel now would in my view be a false economy. I will continue to fight the case for Woodford in Parliament, and do all I can to protect the jobs of these vital workers."

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