Local MP wins MS Society awareness test at Lib Dem conference

September 23, 2010 12:00 AM
Mark at the MS Society stand at Lib Dem conference

Mark at the MS Society stand at Lib Dem conference

Mark Hunter, MP for Cheadle's awareness of multiple sclerosis (MS) was put to the test this week at the Liberal Democrat party conference as he played 'spot the difference' in a game designed to highlight the hidden symptoms of MS.

Mark was delighted to claim the top spot in the MS Society's leader-board, beating several other MPs, councillors and party members, in a challenge provided by the MS Society to raise awareness of the hidden symptoms of MS.

Mark Hunter MP said: "It was great fun to put my awareness to the test and win the challenge, but there's a serious message behind the game. I was surprised to learn how few people are aware of some of the most common symptoms of MS. The MS Society are doing a great job to raise awareness to make sure that people with MS don't lose out in accessing vital support because of this."

Symptoms of MS like severe fatigue, problems with eyesight and cognitive issues can be almost impossible for people to spot. While this is deemed a positive thing for many people living with the condition, it can cause problems when being assessed for benefits or frustration for not being taken seriously by colleagues, friends or even medical professionals.

Laura Weir, Head of Policy & Campaigns at the MS Society, said: "We hear too often that people with MS who face genuine barriers to working and remaining independent are failing benefits assessments, or do not meet the eligibility criteria for care support, because their symptoms are difficult to identify or measure. This needs to change, and by highlighting the importance of this issue with MPs we hope they're able to help."

More information on the MS Society 'spot the difference' campaign at the 2010 party conferences, and information on the hidden symptoms of MS is available at www.mssociety.org.uk/campaigns.

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