December 13, 2010 6:42 PM
Mark with local Government Minister and neighbouring MP Andrew Stunell

Mark with local Government Minister and neighbouring MP Andrew Stunell

Stockport received cuts much lower than feared today, when the Local Government Finance Settlement was announced by Local Government Minister and Hazel Grove MP Andrew Stunell.

Cuts this year will run to 2.8% of spending power, with a further 2.7% next year, significantly lower than first feared and with Stockport benefitting from £3.5m from the Department of Health budget for adult social care.

In a further announcement, there was good news for Stockport's schools, which are set to gain an additional £2.3m in funding for the most disadvantaged pupils through the pupil premium.

Commenting after the announcement, Andrew Stunell said:

"The cuts are tough, there's no doubt about that, but the Liberal Democrats have worked hard to deliver a fair settlement for local government, and a fair settlement for Stockport.

"Cuts have to be made across government, and local government is no different, but by ensuring that Stockport's spending power is only reduced by 2.8% this year, we have made sure that we can make those cuts locally, without frontline services having to bear the brunt.

"Contrary to the Labour scare stories, we've delivered a fair settlement for Stockport, including ensuring that the most vulnerable are protected, which has always been the Lib Dems' top priority."

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter added:

"With cuts of less than 3% the doom-mongers will now have to rip up their forecasts and predictions that the sky is going to cave in.

"With the smallest cuts in Greater Manchester, delivering these savings is well within the capability of a well run and efficient Council like Stockport."

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