Liberal Democrat MP’s united in support of the Syrian cause

July 5, 2011 4:36 PM

Mark with John Leech MPLiberal Democrat MPs John Leech and Mark Hunter delivered speeches of assurance and encouragement to the Syrian community of Manchester on Sunday at 'A Day for Syria' event at the British Muslim Heritage Centre in Whalley Range, Manchester.

The event which was hosted by the Syrian community of Manchester was a special day for people to learn about Syrian history and culture in light of the recent unrest and to promote awareness of the grave situation in Syria.

Mr Leech & Mr Hunter were invited to talk about the events in Syria and provide perspective on what was being done by the UK Government to pressure the Syrian authorities to restrain from the use of consistent violence against peaceful demonstrators. John Leech has already raised the issue in the House of Commons with an important Early Day Motion 1949 in support of Syrian protestors, the condemnation of Bashar Al-Assad and his regime's violent crackdown on peaceful demonstrations and the need for reform in the Syria.

John Leech Member of Parliament for Manchester Withington said, "Any action needs to have the full support of the international community, such as what we have witnessed regarding Libya. We want to see change in a peaceful manner, support peaceful demonstrations and the end of the regime"

Both John Leech & Mark Hunter stressed the importance of garnering support from the international community and take measures such as economic sanctions, allowing more foreign media to enter Syria, full investigations into the murders of Syrian citizens at the hands of the Syrian secret service, and ultimately see change happen in a peaceful manner.

Mark Hunter, Member of Parliament for Cheadle said, "It is imperative that the Syrian Government listens to the Syrian people; it is imperative that the Syrian Government acts quickly to reform its political system; and it is imperative that international governments work together to put even more pressure on the Syrian Government."

Both Mr Leech & Mr Hunter were united in hope for the Syrian constituents in their constituencies and for the wider community in Syria and beyond in achieving a "real democracy" and "real change".

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