Mark Hunter MP statement on rioting in Manchester City Centre

August 10, 2011 10:38 AM

police walk about2
Cheadle MP Mark Hunter
today attended an urgent meeting with Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, Peter Fahy, regarding the rioting that has taken place in Manchester and other city centres around the country. The Chief Constable spoke to a special meeting of local MPs and members of the Greater Manchester Police Authority and answered questions on the Police response to the outbreak of violent behaviour and criminal damage in the city centre.

Speaking after the meeting and before he headed off to London for the recall of Parliament, Mr Hunter said:

"There can be no excuse for the appalling sights we have seen over the last few days. The chief Constable has my full support, and surely that of all right thinking men and women. He and his officers are doing a very difficult job right now, and politicians should resist the temptation to become 'armchair' police commanders with free advice on strategy and tactics. Those responsible for the rioting and looting need to be brought to justice quickly and dealt with appropriately. This kind of behaviour is simply not acceptable and should not be tolerated. We must have order on our streets."

Mr Hunter also sought, and was given, assurances that the resources available to the Police were adequate and that the extra demands of policing the city centre would not leave the suburbs vulnerable.

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