November 2, 2011 12:18 PM
Mark alongside Starkey UK Managing Director, Roger Lewin, on his recent visit to Starkey

Mark alongside Starkey UK Managing Director, Roger Lewin, on his recent visit to Starkey

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter today nominated Starkey Laboratories, based in Hazel Grove, as part of an exciting new initiative to draw up a map of the United Kingdom highlighting contemporary British industry. 'Made by Britain' is a scheme led by the Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Group, launched by the Business Secretary Vince Cable.

A team of 200 employees at the Starkey Laboratories facility on Pepper Road Industrial Estate, off Bramhall Moor Lane in Hazel Grove work together to produce state of the art hearing devices to help people to continue to remain active in the workforce and engaged in society.

When Mr Hunter visited the Starkey factory he was instantly impressed as he toured the factory and discussed the work that goes on at Starkey with Director Roger Lewin. Mark's visit followed the news that Starkey had successfully bid for a significant contract to produce hearing aids for the NHS.

Commenting, Starkey Laboratories Managing Director, Roger Lewin, said:

"On behalf of Starkey UK I was delighted to be nominated for the Made by Britain project - it is fantastic to see Starkey held up as an example of best practice in UK manufacturing. Here at Starkey, we have developed a high level of expertise in the production of hearing systems, communication systems and customised noise protection. We welcome the opportunity to showcase our specialised skills and are confident people will be impressed as to what we can do."

Commenting, Mark said:

"I am very pleased to nominate Starkey Laboratories for this project as a prime example of a successful manufacturing project.

""Made by Britain" is not only about celebrating the strength of our manufacturing industry and reminding ourselves of how many fantastic products are made on this Island, it is also about inspiring our next generation to consider a career in modern manufacturing - vital to the growth of our economy."

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