Welcome funding boost for school places in Stockport

November 7, 2011 11:50 AM

Head and shouldersThe Government has announced an extra £500m will be given to local authorities experiencing the greatest need in managing shortfalls in pupil places.

Stockport will receive an extra £2,196,297 as one of the one hundred local authorities which will receive a share of the funding.

Today's extra funding comes on top of the £800m funding announced in December 2010 - double the normal annual level of support - which means that in 2011-12 a total of £1.3billion will have been allocated to fund additional school places.

The funding comes in the form of capital grants, which are not ring fenced. Local councils will be able to decide what projects this additional money will be invested in, for example, in small primary school projects.

Commenting, Mark said:

"It is good news that the Government is investing an extra £2.1m in schools' capacity our area.

"In addition to the £2.6 million provided by the Lib Dem "pupil premium" for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, today's announcement further shows the Coalition Government's commitment to our youngsters.

"This money will be a welcome boost to our hard work to ensure everyone gets a place at a good school. It will also be welcome news for the jobs and businesses as building can now ahead.

"There is more work to be done and this extra cash will not solve our problems overnight. I will be working with Liberal Democrat colleagues in Government on this to ensure our children get the fair start in life in the good schools they deserve."

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