February 7, 2012 5:35 PM

Mark alongside Trolex operations director, Lee pierce-jones (left) and international sales director, Neil McDonald (right)Mark Hunter, Member of Parliament for Cheadle, recently visited Trolex Ltd on Newby Road, Hazel Grove.

The purpose of the visit was to show Trolex's commitment to the different industries both in the UK and internationally, and for Mark to see a successful local manufacturing and development company. Among the issues he discussed with Neil McDonald, International Sales Director, were the international presence of our products and the most effective way of getting them to their destination.

Mr Hunter took a tour of both the manufacturing and office facilities at Trolex, and was told of the important safety functions of Trolex's equipment. He was pleased to see a company which is growing and recruiting new employees within the current difficult economic climate.

Commeting, Mark said:

"I'm always keen to hear from local businesses based in the constituency and the visit to Trolex was very useful in helping to understand the challenges faced by the manufacturing industry at this difficult economic climate.

"Trolex are a significant local employer at the cutting edge of technology and I was most impressed by their operation."

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