February 7, 2012 5:48 PM

Mark alongside 100 year old Alice Williams at Guardian Lodge

Local MP Mark Hunter is urging eligible residents to claim their cold weather payments which have been made available due to the current cold weather across the area.

Yesterday, Monday 6th February 2012, there was a cold weather "alert" in the following postcodes - M22, SK12, SK2, SK3, SK7, SK8 - triggering cold weather payments to eligible recipients. The payments help people, particularly pensioners, who qualify because they receive certain income-related benefits, with their increased heating costs caused by periods of very cold weather during winter.

Commenting, Mark said:
Although most people entitled to cold weather payments receive the support automatically, this is not always the case and Mark is urging local residents who think they may be eligible to get in touch, or go to for more information.

"It is vital that, whilst experiencing these freezing temperatures, those who need extra support get the help they deserve - particularly for elderly, disabled and housebound people.

"During the cold snap residents need to keep warm and this extra cash is targeted to help and assist the most vulnerable.

"The message is: if in any doubt at all please check to see if you are entitled to receive cold weather payments."

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