March 19, 2012 3:11 PM
Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable MP is backing Mark's campaign

Mark alongside Business Secretary Vince Cable and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Today, Monday 19th March 2012, local MP Mark Hunter joined with Hazel Grove MP Andrew Stunell and Manchester Withington MP John Leech in a letter to the Manchester Evening News on what their priorities are for the Budget.

The text of the letter reads:

On the 6th of April, all but the richest taxpayers will see a rise in their take home pay. This is because the Coalition Government is raising the personal allowance of income tax (the amount of money you can earn before you begin to be taxed). This was a key Liberal Democrat manifesto pledge which the Liberal Democrats fought hard for in the Coalition negotiations and a policy which will make a real difference to working families and young people around the country. In April, every worker will be given a tax cut of £126; that's £126 extra in their pay packets over the year.

This is on top of the £200 tax cut which happened last April, which is when the personal allowance was first raised by the Coalition. From April this year, over a million working people will no longer pay income tax because of the Coalition's tax policy.

But we need to go further and faster. The Coalition is working hard to make sure (we're all in this together) the wealthy pay their fair share by clamping down on tax avoidance, taxing the banks by an extra £2.5bn every year and stopping inheritance tax cuts for millionaires, but as a Liberal Democrat I want us to do more.

We want the Coalition to prioritise tax cuts for lower-income hard-working people by raising the personal allowance further and faster. That would give you £60 a month extra in your wages, that's £60 you can spend on the weekly shop, put towards the quarterly gas bill or a well-deserved holiday.

When times are tough, it's only fair to ease the burden on low-earners by increasing the amount paid by the richest. This is what the Liberal Democrats are fighting hard for in the budget negotiations with our Coalition partners.

You can add your support to fast tracking the Liberal Democrat income threshold policy by signing the e-petition here:


Mark Hunter: Member of Parliament for Cheadle

John Leech: Member of Parliament for Manchester Withington

Andrew Stunell: Member of Parliament for Hazel Grove

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