More money for additional school places in Stockport – Hunter

April 13, 2012 2:51 PM

Head and shouldersThe Coalition Government has announced that Stockport will get an additional £2,733,000 million this year to relieve the pressure on school places.

This is part of an additional £600m of capital spending in England this year.

Commenting, local MP Mark Hunter said:

"This extra money is great news for our children. Many more of them will now be able to get into their school of first choice.

"Pressure on our schools has been allowed to continue for too long. As a Liberal Democrat, I am glad the Coalition Government is doing the right thing by putting more money in our schools.

"Following the earlier announcement about Stockport schools receiving a £2.6 billion cash boost thanks to the Lib Dem pupil premium, I know this will be a real help and I will work hard to ensure this money delivers the results needed."

Commenting further, Liberal Democrat Minister for Children, Sarah Teather said:

"In too many areas, Labour left classrooms bursting at the seams with an unacceptable number of children locked out of their local school.

"There is a pressing need for additional school places and the Coalition Government is doing the right thing by making an extra £600m available this year.

"This means extra money for more classrooms, so that more of our children can get the school place they deserve. It will be a real step towards ensuring we give every child a fair start in life, regardless of their background or where they live."

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