June 20, 2012 9:23 AM
Mark alongside Chris Sykes, Chief Superintendent at Greater Manchester Police

Mark alongside Stockport Police Superintendent, Chris Sykes, at their latest meeting

Recently published crime figures show that crime across Stockport has fallen for the 8th consecutive year. Cheadle MP Mark Hunter has welcomed the news and congratulated local policemen and women and Stockport Council on their successful work to reduce crime in our community.

The latest figures released show that in the last five years there has been:

• a fall of 40% in victims of crime across the Stockport borough, a drop of 12,087 cases;

• a 48% decrease in serious violence;

• a 41% reduction in burglary

The statistics also show a halving of anti-social behaviour in the last two years, and significant drops in overall recorded crimes over the last 12 months.

Commenting, Mark said:

"These are encouraging figures. I congratulate Greater Manchester Police and Stockport Council on their continued hard work to reduce crime in our area.

"These statistics show that by working together we are creating a safer Stockport.

"I was very pleased to learn that crime across Stockport has fallen for the eighth consecutive year and that Stockport continues to be the safest borough in the whole of Greater Manchester.

"This is a positive long term trend - but we must keep up the good work and continue to make our area a safe place to live and work."

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