September 11, 2012 11:29 AM
Mark at the Heart UK event in Parliament

Mark at the Heart UK event in Parliament

Yesterday, Tuesday 4th Sepember, local MP Mark Hunter joined campaigners at HEART UK's National Cholesterol Week event in the House of Commons to help promote healthy eating and raise awareness about the importance of low cholesterol.

HEART UK's National Cholesterol Week, which takes place from 17-23 September, aims to raise funds and awareness in the battle to beat the UK's biggest killer, heart disease.

The cholesterol charity is encouraging communities to organise their own "Hearty Tea Parties" to raise funds by staging a get-together with family or friends which features heart-healthy food and drink.

Healthy eating is a key element of HEART UK's National Cholesterol Week campaign, with a range of celebrity chefs providing recipes for cholesterol-lowering dishes.

Commenting, Mark said:

"We all know how important it is to eat well and HEART UK's National Cholesterol Week provides the perfect opportunity to raise money for this worthwhile cause and remind us of the benefits of eating more healthily.

"I hope residents are able to take part in National Cholesterol Week and have some fun along the way."

HEART UK Chief Executive Jules Payne said:

"I would like to thank Mark for supporting National Cholesterol Week and encouraging his constituents to get involved.

"Cholesterol is a silent killer that can affect young and old alike. National Cholesterol Week gives us the opportunity to do even more to help the thousands of people across the UK with raised cholesterol and associated heart conditions."

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