Grocery Code Adjudicator will get power to fine supermarkets – Hunter

December 6, 2012 4:48 PM

Mark Hunter MP

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter has welcomed the news that the Coalition Government's new "Grocery Code Adjudicator" will be able to fine large supermarkets who deal with suppliers unfairly, announced yesterday by Liberal Democrat Competition Minister, Jo Swinson.

Dozens of local residents have contacted Mark about the need for an independent supermarket ombudsman over several years, it was a key part of the Liberal Democrat Manifesto and was secured as part of the Coalition Agreement.

Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for a fair deal for consumers and suppliers. The Coalition Government has now listened to concerns from stakeholders and given the Adjudicator more teeth to protect consumers, small businesses and farmers.

Commenting, Mark Hunter said:

"Too often, the consumer is squashed under the might of the major supermarkets that dominate our daily shopping. That is why I and the Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for a strong, independent regulator that has real teeth to stand up for hard-working suppliers.

"To create growth and jobs, Liberal Democrats in the Coalition Government are making sure that small business owners and consumers must

Commenting further, Jo Swinson said:
have the opportunity to can get on in life, without being squeezed by all-powerful supermarkets."

"The food industry plays an important role in economic growth, and the Groceries Code Adjudicator will help to ensure that the market is operating in a fair and healthy way.

"Large supermarkets form a big chunk of this industry, and generally provide consumers with low prices and variety whilst providing business for farmers and suppliers.

"But where supermarkets are breaking the rules with suppliers and treating them unfairly, the Adjudicator will make sure that they are held to account."

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