March 18, 2013 4:21 PM
Mark with local residents at the fundraising lunch

Mark with local residents at the fundraising lunch

Local MP Mark Hunter joined with local residents and members of churches from across the Bramhall area on Friday for a special lunch to help raise money for overseas aid and to campaign against tax dodging and to tackle climate change.

Mark was invited to attend the Christian Aid event, held at Bramhall Methodist Church, as a special guest and spoke to local residents about the important work development charities are carrying out across the globe. The lunch was well attended by members of churches across the area and the money raised helped contribute to the £95.5m total Christian Aid have raised over the last year.

Christian Aid are one of a number of charities who have recently teamed up to launch the "IF" campaign which aims to make sure everybody across the globe has enough food to eat. The lunch highlighted the campaign which Mark has already publicly backed.

Commenting, Mark said:

"I was delighted to join with fellow Bramhall residents and members of all churches across the area to help raise funds for such an important cause.

"The 'IF' campaign, which was only launched recently, has already attracted tens of thousands of supporters across the country and certainly filled up my own postbag as our local MP!

"The theme of the campaign is simple: there is enough food for everybody IF we take action to make our world a fairer place. This means making sure UK companies pay their fair share of tax in developing countries, it means helping people in poorer countries feed themselves, it means using more land for food than fuel.

"Thank you to all of the volunteers and local residents who made Friday's fundraiser possible."

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