March 19, 2013 10:21 AM


Today (19th March 2013) consumer body Which? has launched a national "nuisance calls" campaign. Local MP Mark Hunter, has welcomed the news which comes after a recent meeting between the Member of Parliament and Which? representatives.

Mr Hunter launched his own "no 2 nuisance calls" petition in January this year and has collected the signatures of hundreds of local residents. He has also taken the campaign to Parliament, meeting with the Telecoms Minister to press for new measures. Mark is also set to meet with representatives from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

In addition to Which? launching their own nationwide "nuisance calls" campaign, Mark's own campaign has had the official backing of Disability Stockport, a further sign of how many people are affected by these nuisance sales calls.

Residents can still back the campaign here: http://markhunter.org.uk/en/petition/no-2-nuisance-calls-campaign-petition

Commenting, Mark said:

"I am delighted that Which? has decided to take up the campaign to give people the power to say "no" to nuisance sales calls.

"The response from people in our own area has been overwhelming. My online petition has had hundreds of residents' signatures as well as hundreds more paper petitions.

"That said, we still want to collect more signatures because the louder we shout the more we are likely to be heard properly.

"This isn't just about the frustration of nuisance calls; this is about the most vulnerable in society - elderly, disabled and housebound people feeling confused, threatened and often losing out financially because of the nature of these nuisance sales calls.

"People should have the right to say "no"."

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