April 23, 2013 11:40 AM

Mark and Iain Roberts A555 Relief RoadLocal MP Mark Hunter has welcomed Stockport Council's announced £5 million boost to tackle much needed repairs to Stockport's roads, pavements, street lights, and drainage.

Over £3 million will be spent on fixing roads and pavements, half a million pounds will be spent on fixing street lights, nearly £1 million will be spent on drainage projects and over £300,000 on footpaths and bridleways in 2013-14.

The news comes after a number of issues were highlighted by local residents and Liberal Democrat councillors across the Borough. Following a severe winter, the roads had been particularly badly affected this year.

The roads and pavements included in the programme will include Evesham Road (off Councillor lane); Southdown Crescent (off Highfield Road); Pingate Drive; Grange Avenue; Queens Road; Birchdale Avenue; Cheadle High Street; Bramhall Park Road; Thornway ; Ladythorn Road; Ack Lane East and Warren Close; South Park/Service Road; Arnside Close; Mile End Lane; Kennerley Road; A6 between Bramhall Moor Lane and Poplar Grove and the A555.

Schools Hill, Cheadle, is included in the Street Lighting Maintenance Programme and drainage works will take place on Queens Road, Cheadle.

Commenting, Mark said:

"I very much hope this £5 million programme will make a big difference to the area after many roads and pavements have suffered from a prolonged Winter and increasing traffic levels.

"It is good news that, despite these difficult economic times, Stockport Council have managed to protect this spending to make sure local residents and motorists have safe roads and pavements."

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