Mark Hunter welcomes additional winter funding for Stepping Hill Hospital

October 11, 2013 5:46 PM

The Government will be providing an additional £1.5 million to NHS Stockport this winter, to ease the strain caused by flu-related illnesses. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced the funding this week and it will go towards flu vaccinations which officials claim will help avoid unnecessary Accident and Emergency (A&E) visits.

Over the last ten years admissions to A&E departments have increased by almost a third - Stepping Hill was one of several hospitals in our region to suffer from delays for A&E treatment times last winter.

The extra funding will go towards a flu vaccination programme for children between two and three years old - reducing the potential spread of the disease, and cutting waiting times at Stepping Hill. The NHS Trust have also been directed to ensure that the majority of their staff is also vaccinated.

MP for Cheadle, Mark Hunter, commented:

"Every winter our hospitals sees patient numbers rocket; we should do all we can to help keep wards clear for those who really need hospital care. This additional money is a good idea to keep the elderly and our young children healthy and out of A&E."

Mark with Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg and staff from Stepping Hill Hospital on their recent visit

Mark Hunter and Nick Clegg visiting Stepping Hill Hospital

"I am pleased that the Trust has been required to vaccinate its staff - our hospital workers do us all a great service, and without them there is no hospital! It's important we keep them fit and healthy too so that they're able to look after us this winter."

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