Mark Hunter, MP reminds all those at risk of seasonal flu in Cheadle and Stockport to get their flu jabs this winter

October 29, 2013 11:59 AM

MPs and Peers were invited today to attend Westminster Flu Day, a flu vaccine clinic held in the House of Commons, to encourage their constituents to get this season's flu vaccine in line with Government recommendations.

The good news is that in Stockport last year the number of people over 65 or in the 'at risk group' who received the flu vaccine was above the national average. 81% of people over 65 and 69% in the at risk groups compared with the UK statistics of 73.4% for the over 65s and 51.3% for those 'at risk'.

Mark Hunter, member for Cheadle, said

"Flu can be a very serious illness for certain groups of people. I would therefore encourage all those that are over the age of 65 or are in one of the 'at risk' groups to visit their surgeries and get vaccinated."

Dr Dan Poulter MP, Minister for Health added

"The seasonal flu vaccination is important to help protect those people who are more susceptible to serious complications or even death from flu."

The NHS has a very successful seasonal flu programme. The uptake rate for flu vaccines in those aged 65 and over was 73.4% in 2012/13, which is just below the WHO target of 75%. The Department of Health, however, wants to improve the uptake rates for those people under 65 years of age with clinical conditions which put them more at risk from the effects of flu. This currently stands at 51.3%, and the Department hopes to increase it to 75%.

Flu Jab

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