MP and MEP in apprentices push

November 12, 2013 2:09 PM

Local parliamentarians Mark Hunter MP and Chris Davies MEP have visited the Cheadle Heath site of engineering giant Thales to meet apprentices and discuss future plans.

The Liberal Democrat pair dropped into Thales, which employs over 500 people in the area, to hear at first hand the experience of young people entering the world of work through a government backed apprenticeship.

Lib Dem led Stockport Borough is the third best borough in the North West for apprenticeships and since the Coalition Government came to power in May 2010 has helped to create 8030 new apprenticeship opportunities.

Mark has been writing to local businesses to encourage them to take on more apprentices and worked with Stockport Council, the National Apprenticeship Service and the Stockport Express to beat a target of 100 apprentices in 100 days.

Mark Hunter MP said,

Chris Davies MEP with Thales' apprentices Bradley, Richard and Jamie, and Mark Hunter MP

Mark Hunter MP and Chris Davies MEP meet with Thales' graduate apprentice Richard and apprentices Bradley and Jamie

"We are fortunate to have a hugely successful, multinational company like Thales in Cheadle. By investing time and money in our bright young people they are showing their support for our community and investing for the future - I commend them for continuing our area's positive record with apprentices.

"Apprenticeships are a great way for young people to get the experience they need to build the foundations of their career. The skills they learn equip them to choose a job that's right for them, and their enthusiasm and work ethic are hugely beneficial to those companies that take the time to invest in them."

Chris Davies MEP is working to make sure that his constituents benefit from the jobs created by our membership of the EU.

Chris said,

"Visiting an international company like Thales really brings home how many jobs in Britain are tied to our EU membership. As the recent CBI study demonstrated, 82% of major British businesses believe that being part of the EU is vital for jobs and investment.

"It is essential for our economic future that we remain within the EU single market, and if Britain were to pull out it would no longer have a seat at the table where the decisions are made. That would be bad our economy and terrible for our influence in the world."

"Being in the EU helps us generate more economic growth, more jobs and a real chance to compete in a global marketplace."

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