Mark Hunter MP praises local Priory hospital’s ‘dedication, expertise and quality of care’

March 18, 2014 4:08 PM

Local MP, Mark Hunter, has praised the quality of staff and services provided at the local Cheadle Royal hospital during a recent visit to the site.

During his time at the hospital run by The Priory Group, Mr Hunter was able to see firsthand the services provided to support young people and adults with a range of complex mental health conditions, including eating and personality disorders.

Priory pro-ana pro-mia anorexia cheadle royal

Medical Director Dr David Kingsley, Mark Hunter MP, Hospital Director Kris Irons and The Priory Group Chief Executive Tom Riall

Commenting on his visit, Mr Hunter said:

'I welcomed the opportunity to see again for myself the local services being provided for often the most vulnerable in society. What has struck me on both visits has been the dedication and expertise shown by Cheadle's Priory staff, with residents clearly valuing the quality of the care they were receiving.

'I was most interested to learn that 90 per cent of Priory's service users are NHS patients, whilst the Cheadle Royal site specifically is almost 100 per cent referrals from the NHS.

'There was also a chance for me to discuss concerns regarding pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia websites and the catastrophic impact they have had on some of their patients. I remain determined to raise awareness of the damage these pages can do, and to discuss further with my Ministerial colleagues what preventative action the Government can take.'

Cheadle Royal seeks to support hospital residents to re-engage with the local community as part of their programme of care wherever possible and employs over 420specialist staff, including consultant psychiatrists, occupational therapists and social workers.

During his visit Mr Hunter was joined by Hospital Director Kris Irons, as well as The Priory Group's Chief Executive Tom Riall and Cheadle's Medical Director Dr David Kingsley.

Ms Irons said:

'We were very pleased to welcome Mr Hunter on site today, showcasing the high quality care and support patients are receiving within his constituency. We are equally delighted he has recognised the work of the hospital's dedicated staff who work selflessly towards achieving better outcomes for those in their care.'

Further information on the Priory's services can be found on their website

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