National Care Home Open Day 2014 offers warm welcome to local communities

June 27, 2014 10:27 AM

Care Home Open Day logoThe Care Home sector has sadly been marred in recent years by negative press generated by a small number of badly run homes. In an effort to reveal the truth that care homes can be inspiring places, full of unique and charming residents and run by professional and caring staff, the UK's second inaugural National Care Home Open Day was held on 20th June 2014. Sunrise Living Care Home Sunrise Living Care Home

To help celebrate National Care Home Open Day 2014, local MP, Mark Hunter, visited Sunrise of Bramhall to meet with the residents and staff.

Commenting afterwards, Mark said:

"I am most grateful to Sunrise of Bramhall for their kind invitation to visit again last week, where, as always, I was offered a warm welcome. It was great to catch up with the residents, and it was also an opportunity to thank the staff for the wonderful work that they do.

"I think National Care Home Open Day is a terrific idea and I hope that it continues to encourage more people to call by their local care homes as visit the residents."

Dawn Williams, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Bramhall said:

"We were honoured to welcome Mark Hunter and delighted he could join us to recognise the great work that care homes, including Sunrise, do every day.

"It was a wonderful success and a real community event, which brought everyone together at Sunrise of Bramhall to celebrate a really special day. The atmosphere was just brilliant.

"We wanted to build on last year's foundations and it was fantastic to see even more people this time around. It was a great opportunity to see Sunrise first hand to learn about life at our community and enjoy the types of activities we host every week."

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