Rethink of planning proposals needed for Woodford Aerodrome

July 11, 2014 11:37 AM

Cheadle MP Mark Hunter has made a last ditch plea to developers, Harrow Estates, to re-think their plans for a massive new housing development at Woodford in his constituency.

Mark with Local Government Minister Don Foster at the former BAE Site

Mark Hunter with Local Government Minister Don Foster

Harrow, part of the Redrow Group, propose up to 950 new homes to be built on the former BAE Systems' airfield - despite opposition from local residents. As the local MP, Mr Hunter has consistently opposed the size and scale of the proposed development believing it would damage the unique characteristics of Woodford village.

Last year Mr Hunter brought local government Minister Don Foster to the area so he could see for himself the impact the plans would have on the local community. Now the MP has written again to the developer in a final attempt to persuade them to scale down their plans. The formal planning application is due to come before Stockport Council Planning Committee later this month.

Commenting, Mark Hunter said:

'Woodford village is only some 500 homes at present and I am very concerned this proposed development would change the area dramatically. The size and scale of this development would make that inevitable and I would urge Harrow to think again. Even at this eleventh hour it is not too late for the developer to listen to the concerns of local people and amend their plans accordingly.

'Right from the start of their campaign I have backed local residents in their fight and I remain of the view that the size and scale of this proposed development are inappropriate for this location.'

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