Unemployment in Cheadle constituency continues downward trend

July 22, 2014 12:26 PM

According to the latest numbers from the Office of National Statistics, the number of unemployed claimants in Cheadle constituency in June 2014 was 704. Office of National Statistics

Of all economically active people aged from 16 to 64, 704 represents just 1.6% of economically active people in the constituency and is 285 fewer than June 2013, and 79 lower than in May 2014.

The employment rate nationally is now the joint highest on record, and there are nearly a million more people in work compared to a year ago. The number of women in work has reached a new record of 14.2 million.

Commenting on the figures, local MP Mark Hunter said:

'Cheadle constituency's unemployment rate falling to 1.6% is terrific news for our area - the economic situation for many is now improving. Thanks to the Coalition Government making tough decisions, we have created prime conditions for growth, build on a stronger economy that gives businesses the confidence to create jobs.

'As ever there is no complacency amongst my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I; we will all continue to strive to help create more jobs and apprenticeship opportunities - one person unemployed that is looking for work is one too many.'

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