Liberal Democrats delivering recovery for Cheadle Constituency

July 25, 2014 4:46 PM

Liberal Democrats have helped to restore the UK economy to pre-crash levels, figures released today show. Mark Hunter MP

The UK economy has grown by 0.8% over the last quarter, ensuring that the UK economy has now returned to the same level it had before the banking crisis in 2008.

Commenting, Local MP Mark Hunter said:

'Today is a big day as our economy returns to the same size as it was before the crash. This is fantastic news for people in Cheadle constituency.

'Delivering this recovery is why Liberal Democrats joined the Government in 2010, to provide the political stability necessary. This was the point of the Coalition agreement in the first place, and the continued improvement of the nation's finances remains a key objective.

'This recovery would not be happening without the Liberal Democrats, and it certainly wouldn't be happening as fairly. It is the Liberal Democrats who have delivered an £800 tax cut to help millions of people weather the storm.

'This welcome news comes as unemployment in Cheadle constituency falls to just 1.6%; and is further evidence that the economic situation is improving for most people.

'Now, as we move from recovery to renewal the Liberal Democrats are determined to make the economy even stronger and our society fairer - so that every single person benefits from the recovery and has the opportunities to get on in their lives.'

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