Flooding across Cheadle

Residents across Cheadle Constituency have contacted Tom Morrison and the local Lib Dem team to express concern about the recent flooding that affected large areas across Cheadle, including the A555 which was completely submerged.

Bramhall Flood


Your Lib Dem team have kept in constant contact with council officers, who in turn have been working with the Environment Agency, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the Police, and Fire Services to manage the situation.

However, whilst the Stockport Council have acted swiftly to deal with the emergency, Tom Morrison has stated that lessons must still be learned:

"The speed at which the A555 became unusable and the length of time it took for the authorities to remove the water must raise alarm bells. The Liberal Democrats have asked for assurances that this is now being looked at and the pumping system be worked on so they are fit for purpose." 

"We have also been informed by some residents that reports of blocked drains and river debris had been reported but no action was taken. This is simply not good enough and we will be demanding answers from the Council. Alongside this, further reports have suggested that communication between various agencies could have been improved, therefore I would hope to see better processes in place to manage this in the future."

Councillor Mark Hunter, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Stockport Council said, “Officers have already agreed that a detailed inquiry into this major incident needs to be undertaken, reporting initially to the council’s Scrutiny committees, and we await the report with keen interest.  We expect the council to take all necessary steps to do their best to ensure that residents and properties are not put at risk in the same way in future.”

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