NHS staff shortages worsen under Conservatives

The latest figures from the NHS reveal that there were over 5,000 vacancies for nurses in the North West between July and September 2019. This means that nearly 10% of posts were unfilled. Proving that the NHS staff shortage crisis is getting worse.

The Conservatives have presided over a staffing crisis in our health service. Constantly failing to ensure the NHS has the workforce it needs to care for our loved ones. 

Boris Johnson's pledge for 50,000 new nurses is misleading. The Conservative's manifesto actually commits to introducing a nurse tax for EU workers. 

Over 11,600 members of staff from the EU have left the NHS since the Brexit vote. This includes 4,783 nurses. The Conservatives are only going to discourage qualified professionals from coming to work in the UK with their pledges.

Following the release of the statistics, Liberal Democrat candidate for Cheadle, Tom Morrison said:

"These figures reveal just how desperately short of nurses our NHS is. For years the Conservatives have ignored the staffing crisis.

"What the Conservatives are proposing in this election will not only fail to solve this, but in fact will make things worse. The Conservative's attacks on freedom of movement and their plans to implement a nurse tax will only drive away the EU health professionals we need.

"Our NHS currently relies on the hard work of 20,000 EU nurses. To discourage them from working in the NHS when we already have a shortage makes no sense at all. 

“The Liberal Democrats will invest in the NHS by raising £7 billion a year from a penny on income tax to build a brighter future for our health service.” 

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