Residents share their views on how to improve Kingsway and Gatley Road junction

Local MP for Cheadle constituency, Mark Hunter, called and chaired a well-attended public meeting on Friday 20th February at the Cheadle (Kingsway) Sports Club about the Kingsway and Gatley Road junction, enabling local residents to share their views on how to improve the notoriously congested intersection.

Mark Hunter MP addresses the public meeting on the Kingsway junction.

Local councillors Iain Roberts and Keith Holloway, and Lib Dem newsletter editor Graham Greenhalgh, were also on hand to listen to the concerns raised.

At Mark’s invitation a panel made up of representatives of the Highways Agency, Transport for Greater Manchester and Stockport Council jointly presented some background information on the junction.  It was explained that they were aware of the ongoing difficulty of congestion, especially during peak times, and how a number of alterations have already been implemented to improve traffic flow.

The discussion was then opened to the floor and everyone was invited to share their concerns with the panel, as well as suggestions on how it might be improved.  The panel committed to reporting back on the ideas raised and on next steps.

Commenting afterwards, Mark Hunter said:

‘My thanks to local residents for attending this important meeting on the Kingsway junction on a cold Friday evening in February.  There is no doubt that the problems remain and that there is no simple, silver bullet solution to the issue. 

‘A number of suggestions on how to improve the traffic flow will now be taken away and investigated by the relevant bodies, and we will look to improve the congestion.’

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