Stockport Lib Dems demand better support for local schools

Cllr Tom Morrison and Cllr Lisa Smart have demanded more support and better communication for schools following the Government’s decision to press on with school openings.

After being contacted by parents across the borough, Tom and Lisa have highlighted their concern for health and safety, and written to the Secretary of State asking for two commitments:

1. To properly communicate to parents that the decision to send children back to school is their choice and theirs alone, and no sanctions will be placed on them if they decide not to send their own children back to school in the immediate future.

2. That schools will be given the proper health and safety materials required, including appropriate stock of hand sanitisers, face masks and other PPE. Where there are shortfalls within the Local Authority, the Government will close this gap and ensure no school, teacher or school worker will go without.

Tom Morrison, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Cheadle, said:

“There is still a lot of confusion whether children are required to go back and many parents are unsure what the best course of action is. 

It is the Government’s responsibility to ensure that the guidance is properly communicated so parents understand what they can and cannot do.”

Lisa Smart, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Hazel Grove, added:

“It is vital that schools are kept safe and secure for both teachers and pupils. This must be non-negotiable.

The Government must commit to ensuring Stockport Council has enough protective equipment and other essential items available.”

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