Tom Morrison and Keith Holloway join volunteer Balsam Bashing event

Tom Morrison and Keith Holloway joined with volunteers from Groundwork Manchester and Mersey Rivers Trust at a Balsam Bashing event in Cheadle.

Balsam is an invasive species of plant, brought to the UK in the Victorian era. Unfortunately it is incredibly aggressive and dominates the areas where it is found, not allowing other native plants to flourish.

Volunteers from across the area joined forces to help break the Balsam, to keep it controlled and allow for other wild flowers to grow.

Tom Morrison and Keith Holloway volunteer  

Lots of work was done, with large areas of Balsam removed.

”Projects such as these are vital in supporting our local green spaces” said Keith Holloway. “It was a wonderful day and great to see people getting involved to make our area nicer and greener!”

Tom Morrison said, “Everyone knows how important it is to protect our local environment and why it’s vital that groups such as Groundwork and Mersey Rivers Trust get the support and funding they need. Thank you to all those people that came and helped!”

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