Tom Morrison calls for community safety protections

Liberal Democrat campaigner, Tom Morrison, has called upon Stockport Council and the Government to end cuts to police and youth services.


Tom's campaign for more police funding across Cheadle and Cheadle Hulme has attracted huge local support.


Tom Morrison and Mark Hunter with crime petition
With reports this week that Greater Manchester Police were dealing with ten knife crimes a day, the Liberal Democrats called for urgent action to restore youth service funding and to make youth services statutory in order to ensure they were being effectively delivered.
Tom Morrison said, “Whilst we are seeing less police on our streets, Stockport Council has cut a reported £1.1million from the Children and Education budget and a further £150,000 from community safety.
“Youth services are being scaled back and with it our ability to prevent and intervene.
“The Liberal Democrats demand better for our young people and for our communities. We need more police funding, but we also need end cuts to our youth services which help support young people growing up.”
Tom Morrison has led calls for more police funding across Cheadle, running a campaign that has had the backing of hundreds of residents. People can join the campaign at

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