Tom Morrison calls on Stockport Council to cut ties with Gazprom



Tom Morrison called on Stockport Council to end its contracts and cut all ties with Russian state-owned energy firm Gazprom in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine.

The council currently holds a contract with the firm to provide gas, but the Liberal Democrats do not wish to see local taxpayer's money going to the Russian state and inadvertently funding its illegal war of aggression. In the last week several other councils and companies have announced the cancellation of their own contracts with Gazprom.

“What we have seen with this crisis is not just councils, but the NHS and other public sector bodies, are in these contracts with companies that are related to unsavoury foreign states,” said Councillor Morrison.

“I have requested the council review all the business contracts and investment relationships to make sure we are not related to any country that does not believe in our democratic way of life or has an appalling human rights record. We cannot be funding Putin or the Chinese state, I think this gives us an opportunity to do that. Councils, councillors, and MPs have taken our eye off the ball on this. It is awful that it has this invasion of Ukraine for everyone to realise we cannot do this. We cannot allow ourselves to be in this position in 10 years’ time."

"It is time we had a fit and proper system for determining whether a company or firm was acceptable to be receiving public contracts, or whether we were giving money to those with wildly different values to our own and propagating suffering across the world." he ended. 

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