Tom Morrison demands policing answers

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, Tom Morrison, has demanded more clarity on whether Cheadle Constituency will be receiving its fair share of police officers, following the Metro Mayor's Council Tax rise.

Tom Morrison and Mark Hunter Fighting Crime

Tom, who led the campaign for more police officers in Cheadle Constituency, says he is concerned after the Leader of the Council suggested Stockport Borough will not receive a boost in police numbers. 

Writing to Deputy Metro Mayor Baroness Hughes, Tom asked for clarification on the numbers of officers that would be recruited locally and said that local people were rightly concerned that they would be short changed by the GMCA.

Tom said, "The Cheadle Lib Dems have been fighting for more police coverage for a long time. SK8 was named one of the country's biggest burglary hotspots recently, it's only fair that our stretched police force get some support.

"Greater Manchester Combined Authority need to be more transparent when it comes to police numbers. It has raised taxes to pay for more officers, we now need to understand how many we will be getting."

The text of the letter to Baroness Hughes is below:

Dear Baroness Hughes, 

I would like an update, in your role as Deputy Mayor for Police and Crime, as to the status of the 320 police officers that were to be recruited by GMP following the Mayor's announcement in January 2019.
Previously, no data was forthcoming on how many of these officers would be stationed in Stockport. However, it has been almost six months since this announcement and still no information has been provided. 
The Mayor also, whilst in Stockport, agreed that we would receive our fair share of officers and made a commitment to follow this up with GMP. So far we have had no update.
Many people are concerned that Stockport will not see its fair share of policing and instead areas such as Manchester City Centre will see a disproportionate amount of resourcing.
It is also cause for concern that at a recent meeting of Stockport Council (Thursday 4 July) the Leader of the Council, Cllr Wilson stated the increase in police numbers: "doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll see more bobbies on the streets in Stockport but actually doing their job elsewhere and it will be in a regional maybe or across the city region or even across the north west."
Could you please inform me how many of the 320 officers will be in Stockport and the breakdown of where these officers will be stationed within Stockport Borough?
Best wishes, 
Cllr Tom Morrison 

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