Tom Morrison launches green spaces survey

Tom Morrison has launched a survey across Cheadle Constituency to find out what people think of green spaces locally. 

Many people are concerned about the future of their green spaces. Plans by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (known as GMSF) have ear-marked several large green spaces for development in areas such as Heald Green and Woodford, whilst Mirrlees Fields near Woodsmoor is now the focus of a potential planning application. 

Elsewhere, the Conservative Government have proposed plans that would see planning decisions taken away from local councils and people to 'speed up' the development process.

Have your say on green spaces

Because of this, many people have contacted Tom to express their concern at bpth of these plans. Green spaces such as Mirrlees Fields have become a haven over recent months particularly during the lockdowns we have all experienced. 

However, housing is desperately needed across Stockport and local residents are understandably frustrated at the increase in housing costs across areas such as Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme and Gately. But new housing development must be in the most appropriate areas, with tangible plans to support any residential growth with investment in infrastructure and local services. 

Tom Morrison and the Liberal Democrats want to hear your thoughts on these issues. Please fill the survey in at

On the survey, Tom Morrison said, "It's vital that people have their say on the future of green spaces across Cheadle Constituency. These areas are so important for wellbeing and leisure activities and people rely on them to help with mental wellness. I hope we can get as many people to fill in this survey as possible."

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