Tom Morrison secures NHS dentist meeting

Parliamentary Candidate, Tom Morrison today met with the new Leader of Stockport Council to discuss the challenges that many local people are having with securing an NHS dentist. 

Raising the issues of NHS contracts and the confusion around where responsibility lies for providing access to NHS dentistry across Cheadle Constituency, Tom pushed for Stockport Council to take a more active approach to getting action for local people. 


Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of Stockport Council, said he was fully behind a campaign to secure better access. As the Member of Parliament between 2005 and 2015, Cllr Hunter was a key figure in the campaign for more NHS dentists across Cheadle Constituency. 

Tom said, "I am delighted that Mark Hunter is backing the campaign to get more NHS dentists in across Cheadle. We need to keep the pressure on both Stockport CCG and Central Government to do all they can to make this happen.

"We face an unprecedented dental crisis, not just in Cheadle but across the wider region and country. As prices for dental treatments increase, people are desperately reliant on the NHS to provide dental care. However, because of the awful way the contracts work, we are seeing less and less NHS dentists in the area. This needs to change now."

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