Health Minister urged to fund repair of Stepping Hill dangerous ward

12 Dec 2023

The Secretary of State for Health has been urged to provide emergency funds to Stepping Hill Hospital after a major ward was deemed too dangerous for patients.

A senior Liberal Democrat MP has demanded action and funding following the closure of Stepping Hill Hospital’s Outpatients B building.

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust announced the closure of the department last week after an inspection of the building showed it was in danger of collapse. Staff, appointments and services taking place in that building have been relocated to other parts of the Stepping Hill estate.

The Outpatient B department is one of the busiest departments at the hospital.

Tom Morrison, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cheadle Constituency, where Stepping Hill is located, has written to the Secretary of Health, demanding funding to resolve the issue.

The letter, written jointly with Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader, Daisy Cooper MP, demands that funding for the building be sourced, that the whole of Stepping Hill Estate be brought up to standard  and that the Minister visit the hospital to see for themselves how much work is needed.

Tom Morrison said, “The news last week has caused much concern with people across Cheadle and Stockport. Stepping Hill is a vital facility and its clear major investment is needed.

“Years of Conservative cuts to the NHS has caused this issue, make no mistake about it. It’s now time for the Government to get behind this hospital and give it the funding it deserves.”

“I’m personally inviting the Secretary of State to come and visit the hospital and see for themselves how much funding is required to bring this hospital up to standard. I hope this offer is taken up”

Tom at hospital