Lib Dems in Stockport slam Government's planning proposals

The Liberal Democrats have condemned the Conservative Government’s plans to reform the planning system, arguing that proposed changes will do nothing to alleviate the housing need in Stockport. 

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Lib Dems demand Govt extension of support to protect local jobs

The Liberal Democrats are urging the Government to continue furlough support until it is safe to do so and extend support to those who have so far been excluded by the Government.

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Cheadle Lib Dems Crowned Community Champions

Cheadle Lib Dems have been added to the Liberal Democrat Community Champions Hall of Fame. The award recognises their hard work helping the most vulnerable in Stockport during the coronavirus crisis. 

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Stockport Lib Dems demand better support for local schools

Cllr Tom Morrison and Cllr Lisa Smart have demanded more support and better communication for schools following the Government’s decision to press on with school openings.

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Many residents have been in contact about the state of the local parks as the lock down is eased. There has been a clear increase in littering, which is unacceptable.

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Lib Dems call on Govt to invest in mental health support in Cheadle in face of COVID-19 crisis

The Liberal Democrats are calling for more support for mental health services across the North West as new figures from the ONS expose the enormous mental health impact of the COVID-19 crisis. 

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Letter to Mary Robinson MP

Tom Morrison has written to Mary Robinson asking her to join colleagues in calling for Dominic Cummings to go. Residents across Cheadle have suffered greatly and the Prime Minister’s support for Mr Cummings is a slap in our community’s face.

Below is his letter to her:

Dear Mary,

I hope this email finds you and your family well.

The last few weeks have been the worst I have ever seen.

My inbox has been swamped by scared residents and business owners about the future. They are worried about loved ones, some of whom have sadly passed away.

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Cheadle FM, the local community radio station for the Cheadle area, is set to go live this Saturday 23 May.

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Lib Dems launch calls for more mental health support for health and care staff in Stockport

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to ramp up mental health support for health and care staff in Stockport to ensure “world-class” support for those tackling the virus head on.

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Liberal Democrats launch campaign to protect furloughed workers

The Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to protect furloughed workers and their families with proposals to continue furlough payments when lockdown measures are eased, preventing redundancies.

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