Tom Morrison calls for action on bringing Metrolink to Cheadle and Stockport

17 Oct 2023

Following the Government's announcements that the Network North policy will see Metrolink extended across areas in Greater Manchester except Stockport and Cheadle, Tom Morrison has demanded a rethink. 

For years now, Stockport and Cheadle Constituency have been promised a connection to Metrolink, with most of Greater Manchester already having access to the tram system. But progress, despite promises by the Conservative Government and Greater Manchester's Mayor, has been slow, with some thinking it won't ever happen. 

The Government's announcement to scrap the Manchester leg of HS2 has meant that the train lines in the area will be even more jammed with no plans to deal with the capacity issues that mean constant delays and cancellations. 

Tom is a member of the Cheadle Towns Board which oversaw the successful campaign to get Cheadle Village a new Train Station. After pressure from the Liberal Democrats, the train station will be adaptable for Tram/Train uses, meaning Metrolink can come to Cheadle Constituency.

Enough is enough and a Metrolink extension to both Stockport and Cheadle must now happen. 

"For too long, our communities have had to look on as areas such as Oldham, Salford and the Bury are given access to the Metrolink. Residents across areas such as Cheadle, Heald Green, Gatley and Bramhall all have to make do with a public transport system riddled with cancellations, delays and lack of service. It's not on.

"The Metrolink must be extended to Cheadle Constituency. Scrapping HS2 was a terrible decision, but if the Government did do it to reinvest the £36 billion, then some of it must rightly be used for Stockport."

Tom Morrison has launched a new campaign calling on the government and the Greater Manchester COmbined Authority to bring metrolink to Cheadle and Stockport. Sign today here.