Lib Dems Oppose Voter ID Proposals

A motion calling on local MPs to oppose government Voter ID proposals was debated at the meeting of Stockport Council on Thursday evening.

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Tom Morrison calls for more action to tackle Climate Change

Tom Morrison supports the Stockport Liberal Democrat councillors who tabled a motion at Thursday’s Stockport Council meeting, demanding urgent action and a stronger emphasis on the council’s approach to dealing with the cause and effects of Climate Change across Stockport.

The motion was proposed by councillor Mark Roberts and seconded by Councillor Becky Senior who are concerned about flooding in the area in recent years after heavy rainfall events. The Liberal Democrat motion called for local councillors to be given the means to work with residents and contribute to the solutions in dealing with both the causes and effects of climate change locally.


Cllrs Tom Morrison and Keith Holloway

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16,634 children in Cheadle would benefit under Lib Dem Catch-Up Voucher Plan

Parents of 16,634 children in Cheadle would receive vouchers worth £200 a year to spend on catch-up classes and educational activities, under plans announced by the Liberal Democrats.

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Conservatives Suspend Pension Triple Lock

20,237 pensioners in Cheadle hit by Conservative broken promise on triple lock

The Liberal Democrats have published figures showing that 20,237 of State Pensioners in Cheadle are set to be impacted by the government breaking its manifesto promise and suspending the triple lock on pensions.

The state pension triple lock is a rule that means the state pension must rise each year in line with the highest of three possible figures, inflation, average earnings or 2.5%.

It follows a vote in Parliament on the issue on Monday in which Conservative MPs including Mary Robinson voted to suspend the triple lock. This is despite a Conservatives manifesto commitment to keep the triple lock in place until 2024, and comes just weeks after Boris Johnson led his Conservative MPs to vote for a promise breaking tax hike on National Insurance. The Liberal Democrats have warned that the Conservatives are “turning their back on local elderly residents,” many of whom are living in poverty. 

The figures, based on analysis by the House of Commons Library commissioned by the Liberal Democrats, show that 21.50% of state pensioners in Cheadle will be hit by the government's broken promise. They also show that 1634 pensioners in the area are benefiting from state Pension Credit, which is given to the poorest pensioners.

The Liberal Democrats tabled an amendment in Parliament to the Social Security BIll that called for additional support to address the impact of the pandemic on the two million pensioners currently living in poverty and making the uplift to Universal Credit permanent. Labour abstained on the vote, making the Liberal Democrats the only major UK-wide party to stand up for pensioners and oppose the government’s broken promise to them.

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Tom Morrison and Keith Holloway join volunteer Balsam Bashing event

Tom Morrison and Keith Holloway joined with volunteers from Groundwork Manchester and Mersey Rivers Trust at a Balsam Bashing event in Cheadle.

Balsam is an invasive species of plant, brought to the UK in the Victorian era. Unfortunately it is incredibly aggressive and dominates the areas where it is found, not allowing other native plants to flourish.

Volunteers from across the area joined forces to help break the Balsam, to keep it controlled and allow for other wild flowers to grow.

Tom Morrison and Keith Holloway volunteer  

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Tom Morrison launches survey on dental services

Tom Morrison and the Lib Dems want your views on dental services in Cheadle Constituency.

The survey can be found at:

Residents across Cheadle Constituency have contacted Tom Morrison and the Lib Dem team regarding NHS dentists closing in the local area.

Last year, the British Dental Association stated that 1 in 10 NHS Dentists faced a "cliff edge" as Government targets were becoming too hard to hit, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Across Cheadle, people are finding it harder and harder to find an NHS dentist with waiting lists growing longer each week. 


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Mirrlees Fields - Tom Morrison writes to the Secretary of State

Tom Morrison has written to the Secretary of State regarding the proposed development of Mirrlees Fields.

Residents across the area have contacted Tom regarding the plans that will see around 200 houses built on an area that is designated as Strategic Open Space.

The land acts as an important green corridor for local wildlife and many local people use it for leisure and recreation. 

The letter, which is detailed below, asks the Secretary of State responsible for planning laws to ensure that local people are consulted and all of the policies that should protect the land are adhered to and considered. 

Tom Morrison at Mirrlees Fields

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Queensgate School Consultation

Last month the Liberal Democrats revealed plans by Stockport’s Council to close Queensgate Primary School in Bramhall.

The Conservative-backed Labour Council made no mention of these plans during the local elections.

Thanks to pressure from local residents and Liberal Democrat campaigners Tom Morrison and Ian Powney, Stockport Council has now started consultation which closes on Thursday 29 July 2021.

Tom Morrison has urged all parents and other residents who have views on this issue to
respond to the Online Survey which you can access at:

Woodford Garden Village School Site Pre-Proposal Consultation - Introduction - Stockport Metropolitan Borough Citizen Space - Citizen Space

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Tom Morrison calls for Northern Powerhouse Rail clarity

Following reports that Northern Powerhouse Rail (the proposed east-west northern rail link) could be scrapped, Tom Morrison has called upon the Government to publish it's long-awaited Integrated Rail Plan, which is hoped will firm up commitments to improve passenger and freight rail across the North of England. 

Tom Morrison with Iain Roberts and Graham Greenhalgh at Gatley Rail Station

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Tom Morrison calls for special Police meeting

Lib Dem spokesperson, Cllr Tom Morrison has written to the Chair of Stockport Council's Community & Housing Committee requesting an extraordinary meeting to which the Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester, the person responsible for Policing in Greater Manchester, is invited. 

Tom speaks to Police in Cheadle

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