NHS staff shortages worsen under Conservatives

Lib Dems to fund 14 more police officers across Cheadle

The Liberal Democrats have today announced plans to fund at least 14 police officers across Cheadle as part of an extra £1bn nationwide investment into community policing.

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Conservative manifesto reveals shocking childcare provision: just £1 per child

Tom Morrison has slammed the Conservatives for their dismal handout to young families

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Lib Dems announce plans to tackle the growing number of long-term empty homes in Stockport

The Liberal Democrats announce today that they would allow Stockport Council to increase council tax by up to 500% on homes that are left empty long-term. 

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A&E waiting time figures in Stockport show Conservatives' "dismal record" on NHS

Only 66.8% of patients arriving at A&E in Stockport were treated or admitted within four hours in October 2019, according to damning figures published today by NHS England.

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The Renew Party stand aside for Cheadle Lib Dems

The Cheadle Lib Dems have welcomed the decision of the Renew Party to stand aside at the upcoming general election.

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Hundreds of EU nationals in Stockport being left in legal limbo

Thousands of EU nationals living in Stockport have not been offered permanent residency in the UK, official figures have revealed.

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Cheadle Lib Dems welcome Unite to Remain agreement

Tom Morrison and the Cheadle Lib Dems have welcomed the decision of the Green Party to stand aside at this election.

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Conservatives starve Stockport NHS Foundation Trust of over £4m


Tom Morrison has slammed the Conservatives as “heartless” for starving the NHS of vital cash after revealing Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
paid £4,136,907 in interest on outstanding debt over the last five years.
He warned taxpayers money being spent “lining the Government’s coffers instead of training more doctors and nurses" was “an absolute slap in the face to all of us that rely on the NHS”.
The figures from the Department for Health and Social Care, uncovered by a Liberal Democrat Freedom of Information request, revealed £607,404,854 worth of interest on outstanding debt was paid by over NHS Trusts to the Department for Health and Social Care in the last five years.

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Businesses in Cheadle are under Brexit threat, says Tom

Tom speaks at conference

Tom Morrison delivered a key speech at Liberal Democrat conference where he outlined the implications of Brexit for local businesses in Cheadle. Citing the chemical sector, which is worth £10 billion to the North West economy, Tom said that Brexit would have terrible consequences for those who rely on exports and imports with the EU.


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