Parking Freeze Pledge

Stockport Liberal Democrats have pledged to freeze parking charges in district centres if they regain control at the Town Hall following this summer’s elections.



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GM Police facing £6.93m real-terms cut

Greater Manchester Police are facing a real-terms cut of £6.93m next year, the Liberal Democrats have revealed.



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Liberal Democrats set out six red lines

Liberal Democrats have outlined the six red lines that must be agreed to as part of any coalition negotiations in the next government.


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Liberal Democrats will use Libor fine to invest £2.5m in North West air ambulance

The Liberal Democrats will use £2.5 million from a fine imposed on a bank for rigging the Libor rate to investment into the North West Air Ambulance service.



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Mark Hunter welcomes Free School Meals plan for all under-11s

All primary school children will be entitled to free school meals, under Liberal Democrat manifesto plans announced today.  It will more than double the offer of free schools meals to all infant school pupils the Liberal Democrats delivered in Government.


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Baroness Shirley Williams joins the campaign trail in Cheadle constituency

Baroness Shirley Williams visited Cheadle constituency today to lend her backing to local Liberal Democrat candidate Mark Hunter.


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Inscape House, a day school operated by Cheadle-based special educational needs and disabilities charity, The Together Trust, recently welcomed local parliamentary candidate, Mark Hunter, to unveil its innovative new 4D sensory room.



Inscape pupils were trying out the new sensory room

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Britain’s economic recovery is getting people in Cheadle constituency back into work

Record employment figures prove the country is now the engine driver of the European economic recovery.  In Cheadle constituency the unemployment rate is just 1.4%, one of the lowest figures in the North West.  


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No more pay cuts for nurses, teachers and police in Cheadle constituency

Public sector workers in Cheadle constituency deserve to feel the benefits of the economic recovery by receiving pay increases by at least the rate of inflation, Liberal Democrat candidate Mark Hunter has said.


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Mark Hunter officially opens 4th Heald Green Cub Scout Pack

Mark Hunter, local Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, was guest of honour at the inaugural meeting of the 4th Heald Green Cub Scout Pack at the Cheadle Mosque.


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